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We have been using Edwin for several years. He always responds immediately and his prices are very fair. He has done new pipes throughout the house. Sewer draining outside. Several plumbing jobs and have found him to be very knowledgeable.

Thanks Edwin for everything.

Carole S.


I worked with Edwin few time for my rental properties. He usually go out on same day or next day. His price is very reasonable. I'm glad I found him!

Sze C.


I have used Edwin twice. Both times he responded quickly and I was very pleased with the results. The first time, he replaced my water heater and added a hot water pump.

Second time was to replace my garbage disposal.

Besides being very responsive, I found Edwin to be friendly and his prices were reasonable.

Lucy W.


I have known Luis Chavez for several years. I have found him to be 100% reliable and honest. He worked for a well known plumbing company in Walnut Creek for years and just recently obtained his license and started his own business. I have recommended Luis to several of my friends over the years. They have all told me how pleased they were for my recommendation. Recently he has changed my garbage disposal. Called him in the morning and by noon the job was completed. He has saved myself and neighbors money. This guy is the real deal. His word is his bond.

Steve R.


I had a drain assembly from my bathroom sink that needed to be replaced due to hard water corrosion. A project that I thought I could do myself turned out to be not the case. Luis gave me a very reasonable estimate and proceeded to work immediately after I agreed to the quote. After trying to attach the new drain assembly, he came across and issue with the sink where the drain hole was misaligned causing the drain assembly to be out of alignment with the j trap, but instead of trying to force and possibly break the pipes, he was extremely careful making the connection and even gave me some intelligent advice on monitoring the j-trap in the future. He also gave me an option to use the gasket that came with the assembly or use plumber's putty. I optioned the gasket, but after we found it it was leaking he took the gasket off and put in the plumber's putty instead and it worked like a charm. He went beyond the call of duty, spending extra time with the project and guaranteed his work. He was very courteous and did a great job making my sink looks and runs as good as new. Without hesitation, I will definitely use him again in the future.

Marcus S.